Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
“Other Asias”

2008, Blackwell Publishing、ペーパーバック、365P

3,000 yen

In “Our Asias,” I am called to speak as “Asian” in the heart of Asia-Pacific. I suggest there that we should not think of our own corner as exemplary of our continent, that we might to try to pluralize our continent. This would be the thinking of “Other Asias” from above, from the university. I was writing the Amnesty piece ”Righting Wrong” while I was in Hong Kong. I was beginning to understand that “Other” is not simply a matter of imaginative geography but also of discontinuous epistemes. The largest sector of the Asian electorate of the future occupies another epistemic space from the readers of “Our Asias.” That other understanding of another Asia is at the conclusion of the lead piece. Who knows if the democratic structure of the state will become more regional in the coming generations? The ongoing effort to build another Asia- not necessarily in the current dominant (a “selfsame,” “proper,” “authentic” Asia) –can belong to that future.